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Clements & Church Tailors

In line with their forward thinking perspective, Solutions 4 IT have helped update internet connections across all stores. Clements and Church now have the fastest and most stable circuits currently available. Older FTTC connections (fibre optic) were discontinued, and replaced with SoGEA lines…

worcester cathedral case study image

Worcester Cathedral

Following on from our experience in Gloucester, we were ideally suited to integrating technology in Worcester Cathedral.

In this case study we will be taking a closer look at how we handled inherited IT at Worcester, with all its problems and inefficiencies, and how we adopted a more streamlined, structured and holistic approach…

Cummincourt Case Study with Solutions 4 IT


Communicourt have worked closely with Solutions 4 IT over the past few years. Over that time Solutions have helped them to set up their hardware, Office 365 licences, Wi-Fi, managed print and also provide IT Support. Solutions 4 IT made recommendations to Communicourt as to what IT solutions would meet their needs. The detail of the setup was explained, and they were given all the support that was needed. Communicourt now have all their IT services under one clear banner….

Gloucester Cathedral

We started working with Cathedrals by chance. Back in 2016 we acquired Gloucester Cathedral’s IT support provider of 17 years. As the founder of Solutions 4 IT, I quickly realised that our experience of looking after Charities, the Educational Sector and various SME Organisations, has given us the knowledge and foresight required to design, supply, and maintain technology in the Cathedral environment…

Hinton Group

During an office move from Warwickshire to a larger office in Bromsgrove, their IT systems were uninstalled and reinstalled by their former IT provider. But the reinstallation was not successful and many problems ensued. The relationship with its incumbent IT support company broke down and Solutions 4 IT was recommended as a replacement which led to a long term highly valued relationship. 

IT Solutions Case Study for manufacturing company Samuel Health

Samuel Heath

Samuel Heath is a family-run British manufacturing company dedicated to creating definitive and highly desirable taps, showers, bathroom accessories, and door and window fittings. With a worldwide reputation for quality and innovation, as well as a dedicated UK showroom at the Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, the company relies on its IT systems as their basis for current and future growth.



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