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Advantages to cloud computing for a business

Advantages to cloud computing for a business

As technology continues to change and advance, we are beginning to see limitations of the traditional IT infrastructure. Many businesses are finding it difficult to adapt themselves to the ever-changing trends of the technological industry as their systems are limited in their capabilities and simply cannot offer the scale and reliability that cloud-based services can.

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Managed Print Service – How does it stop you wasting money?

Managed Print Service – How does it stop you wasting money?

We’ve all been told that a Managed Print Service/Solution can save your business up to 30%, 40%, 50% and more off its print costs and with most businesses spending between 5-11% of their annual turnover on printing, it’s all very tempting but, perhaps, when you are bombarded by calls and emails from companies trying to offer their version of a “MPS” (Managed Printing Service) it can be confusing and sometimes seem almost too good to be true.

The Importance Of Data Backup

The Importance Of Data Backup

  Data backup is a fallback strategy when data security fails or is breached through a cyber attack. It acts as a storage system that holds your data files in a different secure location which can be readily accessed by you when necessary.    Why do you...

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