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Clements & Church Tailors

The Client- who are they?

Clements and Church are Bespoke British Tailors, with a reputation for beautifully finished suits and garments. Known for using luxurious fabrics and paying meticulous attention to detail, they consider ‘getting the perfect tailored fit’ absolutely vital.

Whether this is for the ultimate special occasion, for instance, a groom’s bespoke wedding suit, or for everyday work attire, Clements deliver a premium, made-to-measure service.

Back in 2007, this company established their first store in Birmingham. Since then, the business has grown from strength to strength, and now has a total of four branches; Birmingham, Leamington Spa, Oxford and Beaconsfield. Further information about the brand can be found at

Supporting Technological Solutions

Getting Ready for 2025 PSTN Switch Off with SoGEA


From the outset, Clements and Church have had an eye on embracing the latest technology.  They see technology as a perfect tool to gain efficiencies and provide the best possible service for their customers. Previous examples of this approach include running the latest till system on mobile devices, WiFi across all stores and a sophisticated stock control system.

In line with their forward thinking perspective, Solutions 4 IT have helped update internet connections across all stores. They now have the fastest and most stable circuits currently available. Older FTTC connections (fibre optic) were discontinued, and replaced with SoGEA lines.

Solutions 4 IT implemented this plan for two reasons. Firstly, for significant cost savings. SoGEA circuits don’t require traditional phone lines, and so line rental charges were eliminated. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, we were able to future-proof Clements and Church in readiness for the 2025 PSTN network switch-off.

Progressing the Project with PhoneLine+

Once the traditional phone lines were gone, Solutions 4 IT were able to upgrade telecommunications at Clements and Church to our PhoneLine+ service. This package offers a range of features, including :-

  • a VoIP Service for businesses, with a fresh web interface
  • inclusive calls
  • software for PC’s
  • apps for tablets/ mobiles

PhoneLine+ was launched at the end of the second-quarter in 2021.
Clements and Church now enjoy real flexibility in the way their calls are handled. 

To add to this, Clements and Church had already, following an earlier project, moved to Microsoft Teams and were using Microsoft Teams Direct Routing. Further information on Teams Direct Routing can be found here. So together with these two products, Clements and Church now have, and unquestionably benefit from, cutting edge communications infrastructure.


Critical Internet Access Updates
In order to achieve long-term goals, Solutions 4 IT ensured Clements and Church had up-to-date and complete internet connectivity.
Preparation for 2025 PSTN Network Switch-Off
The nationwide PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network) is due to be turned off in 2025, causing potential disruptions. To future-proof operations at Clements and Church, we have installed a VoIP application and SoGEA, as a direct replacement. Well ahead of the planned switch off, calls are now placed and received over an internet connection.
Cost Savings
Now that Clements and Church is utilising VoIP, they no longer pay traditional line rental charges.  This has given them an immediate financial bonus and long term cost savings.
Clements and Church now benefit from a superior package. With PhoneLine+, in conjunction with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, they enjoy the best in modern communications technology.