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“We will work with you to identify any potential network security gaps and advise on the best course of action using our range of security services to increase the cyber resilience of your business.”

Gareth Guest, Solutions4IT Security Expert

Prevent, Detect and Respond to threats in real time

We provide best in class solutions that go above and beyond traditional antivirus software.

What is next gen endpoint protection?

Next Gen endpoint security is what is known as proactive. They anticipate and predict threats in several ways. By evaluating all activity in a network, both in the kernel and user space, the tools we use analyse anything which it deems as suspicious. Machine learning processes excel at predicting where an attack will occur making the security more robust and able to catch viruses, malware, and other kinds of attacks early.

Cyber threats are constantly evolving at an alarming rate, while traditional antivirus is good at stopping known types of attack it can struggle to keep on top of new unknown attacks. This is where a Managed Detection and Response or MDR security solution utilising Artificial Intelligence (AI) will dramatically strengthen your companies’ network and computer security.

The security services that we can provide are working in the background 24 hours a day every day. If a threat is detected it will automatically be quarantined. If necessary, the endpoint will be removed from the network to prevent further damage and rolled back to a point in time before the attack. This all happens within seconds by the behavioural artificial intelligence engine. In addition, the incident is reviewed by a team of security analysts to verify and report. We have full visibility of each incident and manage the process seamlessly for you.

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Keep Your Network Free of Zero Day Threats

The most important part of securing your business is to consider network firewall security, we provide a managed comprehensive network security firewall platform with options suitable for any organisation, regardless of size, budget, or complexity.

What is an Enterprise Firewall?

The firewall forms the first line of defence to your infrastructure security, it is a physical hardware device that monitors and filters incoming and outgoing network traffic. The firewall is the barrier between your business and the outside world allowing or blocking traffic based upon a defined set of security rules.

Solutions 4 IT manage the whole process for you from the initial security overview to installing, configuring, and monitoring the firewall so that you have complete peace of mind.

Intrusion Prevention System

The managed firewalls we provide come with what is known as an Intrusion Prevention System or IPS for short. IPS uses continually updated signatures to scan traffic on all major protocols, providing real-time protection against network threats, including spyware, denial of service (DoS), cross-site scripting, buffer overflows and SQL injections. The Intrusion Prevention System is an important layer in the overall infrastructure security as it is designed to monitor for cyber attacks and then take the necessary action to prevent the security incident from escalating.

Intrusion prevention systems are configured to use a variety of methods when securing the business network, these include:


Policy Protection: The firewall is configured to a set of documented security policies, if an attempt to bypass the firewall is detected that violates a security policy an alert is triggered.


Signature Protection:  This is based on a predefined list of identifiable patterns or signatures in the code of the exploit. When these signatures are identified the system takes over to safeguard against the threat.


Anomaly Protection: The firewall IPS continually monitors for any unexpected or abnormal behaviour. Once detected the system will block access.

Report, Alert, Control

We monitor and configure network security management tools to ensure that we are in control and able to safeguard your business from emerging threats and anomalies. Analysis of new attack vectors is continually performed, and any remediation required is implemented.

Network security recommendations can be devised through a comprehensive security and network review of your infrastructure. We tailor our recommendations to include quick wins as well as providing a long-term overall strategy which considers business size, industry, and unique risk profile.

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