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Microsoft Teams Phone System – Teams Direct Routing

The new Microsoft Phone System extends Microsoft Teams Calling to landlines and mobiles

Call landlines and mobiles from Microsoft Teams

Direct Routing allows you to use Microsoft Teams to manage inbound and outbound calls, just like a traditional PBX phone system.

Our Direct Routing package offers Free calls, enhanced call control features and carrier grade infrastructure allowing you to Maximise value and gain additional benefit from your Microsoft Teams environment. It’s a flexible and cost-effective alternative to Microsoft Calling Plans allowing you to make calls external to your business from Microsoft Teams Phone System, sometimes referred to as Office 365 Phone System.

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Your Business phone System with teams

Direct routing turns Microsoft Teams into a Cloud Phone System that provides all the features you expect from a traditional phone system; saving you the time and money you would spend to install and maintain a traditional business phone system.

Any company using Microsoft Teams with Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Business Standard, E1, E3 or E5 with the Microsoft Phone System or Business Voice licence can implement Direct Routing from Solutions 4 IT to extend Microsoft Teams Calling for voice from within the Microsoft Network to the Public Telephone Network and benefit from cost savings, increased functionality, and support for migration.

Why use Microsoft Teams Direct Routing?

Benefits of Microsoft Teams Direct Routing


Voice Enablement for Teams

Extend Microsoft Teams calls to enable full pstn breakout to the public telephone network

Trusted provider

Operational excellence from the UK’s leading SIP trunking provider

Reduce telephony bills

Lower cost alternative to Microsoft Calling Plans and allows you to maximise existing 365 license costs

Cloud-based solution with no CAPEX

No expensive outlay as there’s no need for traditional hardware
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Use Microsoft Teams as your phone system

Microsoft Teams Calling

If your telephony solution is due for replacement, renewal or extension and you have a Microsoft 365 subscription or you are remote working, it would make sense to consider Microsoft Teams as a potential communications solution.

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