An extension to your existing software subscription model.

How can Hardware-as-a-Service help your business?

Over the last 5 years most businesses have embraced the move to Software-as-a-Service. Microsoft products are almost exclusively based on a monthly set cost. Businesses are gaining access to best of breed software at affordable monthly cost. By adding the necessary hardware to this purchase model you get a ‘Total IT Solution’ hardware, software & ongoing support for an affordable cost without the need for capital expenditure.

Hardware as a service

Key benefits


Enhanced Performance


Set monthly fee, no capital expenditure


One Contract for a ‘Total IT Solution'


One point of contact for all support


Hardware & software service contract

Why do i need Haas?

After January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for PCs running Windows 7. Currently 36% of all Windows PCs use a Windows 7 operating system. Not upgrading before the January deadline will leave your PCs exposed and vulnerable to targeted malicious activities.

Experience suggests that a software upgrade on an ageing PC can be troublesome, time consuming and therefore expensive. The majority of PCs over 3 years are likely to be under consideration for replacement.

It’s tempting to put off hardware purchases when you’re a small business owner. Cost is a factor, for one thing. Small businesses can ill-afford to have precious capital tied up in hardware with a clock rapidly ticking toward obsolescence.

helping our partners succeed through IT

Solutions4IT Case Studies

Clements & Church

Clements & Church

Clements and Church are Bespoke British Tailors, with a reputation for beautifully finished suits and garments. Known for using luxurious fabrics and paying meticulous attention to detail, they consider ‘getting the perfect tailored fit’ absolutely vital.

worcester cathedral case study image

Worcester Cathedral

We began working with Worcester Cathedral just over two and a half years ago. This came about thanks to recommendations from Gloucester Cathedral, where we have enjoyed a longstanding professional relationship and have brought about considerable improvements.

Cummincourt Case Study with Solutions 4 IT


Communicourt has worked closely with Solutions 4 IT for more than ten years now. Over that time Solutions 4 IT has helped them to efficiently set up their hardware, Office 365 licences, Wi-Fi, Managed Print Services and also proactive, 24/7 IT Support.

need more than just it hardware?

Our other IT services include…

cloud services

Save on operating expenses by centralising and simplifying your IT infrastructure.

it support

Avoid making the wrong IT decisions with assistance from our tech experts.

cyber security

Protect your company from cybercriminals using our multifaceted approach.


Improve communications with our feature-rich internet-based telephone systems.