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About Solutions4IT

Solutions4IT is a company based in Birmingham that has been providing IT services for over 20 years. We have highly experienced and trained staff that provide a wide range of IT services including: phone, email, ticket & onsite IT services. As we all know, technology can have its ups and downs which is why we believe that 24 hour support is vital to ensuring that businesses can run efficiently with minimal disruption and downtime.

Our staff will manage and monitor your IT 24/7/365 leaving you worry-free and with the ability to focus on the core parts of your business. Read more here.

The importance of IT Support

One of the biggest increases that we have especially seen since the first lockdown is the spike in cyber crime. Our IT support team has years of extensive knowledge on detecting and managing malware & viruses. They can help you retrieve lost or corrupt data whilst defending your IT infrastructure ensuring that all your data is safe. Living in such a digital age, having a team of IT specialists is essential to keep your business running efficiently.

Moreover, many businesses come across technical problems on a daily basis. To help avoid disruption, having an IT Support team on hand will ensure that your technical problems can be solved quickly and efficiently through delivering highly-skilled solutions.

Benefits of outsourcing your IT

Research conducted by Deloitte, out of a thousand small-medium businesses surveyed, has shown that 99% of the businesses state that they use at least one digital tool in their daily operations (1). We can imagine that this is a case for most businesses out there globally and locally as we do live in a digital age. The more we rely on technology the more we need to protect it especially from cyber criminals.

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing your IT services is the exceptionally high level of IT expertise that you will receive. Most in-house IT professionals specialise in specific IT sectors meaning that they won’t be able to solve all your technology problems. Moreover, it is highly unlikely that you will be receiving 24 hour support as that would require staff to work outside of normal working hours. Outsourcing will solve both of these issues. In fact, outsourcing your IT will come at a much more reduced cost compared to in-house IT teams. In fact, 69% of UK businesses outsource their IT as a way of reducing costs. 



We are an IT support company based in Birmingham with over 20 years of extensive knowledge in IT services. If you are looking for IT support, speak with our team by calling 0121 289 4477 or email us at

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