Are you confident your business can operate well remotely?

Lockdown 3.0

Lockdown has hit us again for the third time during the COVID-19 pandemic, but what does that mean for businesses? The government is urging people to stay at home and work remotely if it is possible to do so which it can be with the right IT solutions and adaptations.

Connecting with your team, wherever they may be in the world, is important to help you maintain an efficient communication stream. Solutions4IT offers a range of services that aims to help you easily connect with your colleagues through 24/7/365 assistance from our specialists and providing you with access to files and applications to make your remote working as ‘normal’ and efficient as possible.

What have we learned from the previous lockdowns?

One of the biggest challenges during the first lockdown was the clear lack of face-to-face supervision. Employers were worried that their colleagues wouldn’t be working as hard when situated in their homes or won’t be as efficient. Many employees have identified that one of their biggest challenges was the lack / difficulty of accessing their servers, data and not having the same managerial support (1). However, now it’s been over a year since the pandemic has first begun and now we have access to many different softwares which allow for us to video chat and easily stay in touch or ask for support. We highly recommend Microsoft Teams as it is what we personally use in order to conduct meetings and stay in touch with our team.

Connectivity and accessibility / retrieval of files has proven to be one of the most important issues that many businesses have had to deal with during the pandemic. We can provide your business with the service to help you gain access to your cloud database when working remotely or migrate your business over to the cloud if you are not using it already. Visit our Cloud Computing page here.

A new way of working

I think that we can all agree that remote working is here to stay. Many sources predict that in the next few years, 50% of the UK workforce will be working from home or out of the office (2). Although it was a difficult transition and came with its own challenges, the majority of us have adapted and it has actually come with a lot of benefits for businesses:

  • Flexibility
  • Higher productivity
  • Increased motivation
  • Reduced commuting time

However, remote working has also come with certain challenges too:

  • Can cause longer working hours
  • Work and home life overlaps
  • File accessibility
  • Communication strained

In terms of overcoming file and database accessibility, using the cloud or migrating over to the cloud can help your business access this data from your home through the information being stored in the cloud.

Our IT team specialises in cloud computing and server migration and would be happy to provide you with advice and the next steps to take to make your remote working as efficient as possible. Contact us now on or call 0121 289 4477.