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Managed Print – How it works

Managed Print – How it works

There are several reasons why a managed print solution works well for all kinds of businesses, big or small. One of the main structures behind a successful managed print solution that I want to talk to you about today is the software used to monitor your print devices, be it one single device or a large fleet, and the various reasons why we and our customer love it.

2020 and how cyber security has had to adapt for remote working

2020 and how cyber security has had to adapt for remote working

The unforeseen events of this year have accelerated the demand and need for new and improved network security. 2020 has caused many businesses to adapt their workflow in order for it to function remotely. In fact, 52% of security leaders identified that remote work has been seen to be one of the top factors that impacts their IT security.

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Save on operating expenses by centralising and simplifying your IT infrastructure

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