A day in the life of an IT support technician


Here at Solutions4IT we all have our own specialisms, certifications and quirks, however, we formulate a strong team of highly experienced IT technicians who are on hand to help you grow and succeed through secure and reliable IT within your business.

Whether it be a hard disk failure, a surge of strange emails, cyber security worries… we are armed and ready to assist you with all of the advice, help and forward planning you need to make life easy and deliver a first class IT support service.


So, what is an IT Support Technician?

As an IT Support technician, we are responsible for helping our customers understand how to use their IT systems and technologies and fix any issues that may occur along the way. We can often receive support calls about malfunctioning equipment or worrying data breaches, and we are there to quickly diagnose the problem and provide a solution to help fix it quickly with minimum disruption and down time. 

As a team of IT Support technicians, we have to be extremely knowledgeable about the equipment and technology that are providing support within your business so we are equipped to advise and assist you. 


What does an IT Support Technician actually do?

Our days can be super varied. We can go through a day assisting computer users with their setup, maintenance or troubleshooting any problems they have. We can often be found offering support services exclusively to a particular product or software. Sometimes, we can be heavily involved in concerns with viruses, loss of data and cyber security issues. 

As an IT Support Technician, we are forever developing our communication and problem solving skills which we are faced with daily on different levels. The majority of our days are spent problem solving and discussing potential issues and fixes with either our team or the customer so we need to be able to adapt how we communicate with our team of experienced technology professionals and a customer who solely relies on us to just fix the problem and keep the jargon to a minimum. 

Our support here at Solutions4IT can be delivered via phone, online or through our helpdesk providing 24/7 ongoing support and care. 



For more information on how our IT Support service can help your business grow and succeed please contact 0121 289 4477 or request a free IT assessment where we can provide you with a suggested package to suit your business needs!