Cyber Aware Top Tip #1 – Email Phishing

The world of technology is forever growing and the rules are always changing. But there are some simple issues which you should make yourself aware of and put into practice. We have created a series of blog posts and posters to help you identify what can cause a cyber problem, and what you can do to prevent this going forward. This week’s focus is…

Email Phishing

Phishing is a process where the attacker will try and lift user data by pretending to be a trusted company. This can include login credentials and credit card numbers. This is one of the biggest threats circulating at the moment. They are becoming more believable and more devastating.

To prevent this, you should be suspicious of:
• Hyperlinks to websites
• Unofficial “From” addresses
• “Urgent” request threats
• Email attachments
• Requests for sensitive information
• Generic “Dear User” emails

Download your poster now

We have created posters to help keep your workforce educated, click here to download the one about email phishing. We recommend this is printed on A3 in full colour and displayed across the workplace. If you would like a complete set of the posters delivered by Royal mail please fill out the contact form here and use the subject POSTERS.

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