The Importance Of Data Backup


Data backup is a fallback strategy when data security fails or is breached through a cyber attack. It acts as a storage system that holds your data files in a different secure location which can be readily accessed by you when necessary. 


Why do you need to backup your data?

Data is the heart of your business and when that gets lost it can leave permanent damage and involve a slow, costly recovery process to attempt to regain the lost data. Now more than ever hackers are finding more avenues to skip past your security systems and gain access to your private information. Viruses and Trojans not only steal your data but in many cases permanently delete it. There has also been a prominent pattern of hackers using ransomware which involves a use of a virus that will encrypt your data, to reverse that it can be a very costly service. However, if you have a recent backup of your data then all that you would need to do is wipe the hard drive and simply restore the backup.


How do you backup data?

There are several ways to go about backing-up your data. At Solutions4IT we advise our customers to cloud store their backup data as it offers much more advantages compared to a storage system. Storing your data in the cloud is particularly beneficial against ransomware as it requires additional authentication for an outsider to enter whereas if you are using a secondary storage, that isn’t cloud based, once ransomware enters your network it will also encrypt your backed-up files too. 

Having access to reliable backups is an essential factor of efficient data management as it protects your business against any damage or loss caused to your data as a result of cyber attacks, viruses, data damage or even normal human error. In fact it is fairly common for many businesses to lose their data as a result of hard drive failure or accidentally deleting files. Therefore, we highly suggest making several backups of your data (at least 3) to ensure that your information is secure and most importantly that at least one of the backups is off-site which makes it difficult for hackers and viruses to locate and attack.


Create an in-depth security strategy

Although data protection through the use of backups is a basic IT function not all businesses look after it through regular updates and tests. However, through creating a comprehensive recovery strategy and extensive backup of you data, you can be sure that your information is secured against cyber attacks.


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