How Solutions4IT Will Keep Your Business Cyber Secure


It is clear that some SMEs are failing at some of the basic security measures to protect their data as more than ever cyber threats are becoming much more common, sophisticated and less targeted. Having a mindset of not having much for hackers to steal from you is wrong and completely incorrect as this is exactly why hackers are now targeting small to medium enterprises. SMEs tend to have less secure networks which is why they are more open and vulnerable towards cyber attacks unlike larger organisations with high security systems which cause greater difficulty to breach their system.

We encourage all of our customers to monitor and educate themselves on what we call ‘The Human Firewall’ which involves looking at the behaviour of respondents to a series of emails. Users that fall into a category of ‘serial clickers’ are automatically enrolled to a short but educational training program that is solely designed to raise awareness of being mindful when opening suspicious emails and interacting with them as they can open a potential vulnerability that allows hackers to access your information.

At Solutions4IT we ensure that you are kept secure at all times and that your staff are all aware of the risks and the prevention measures to avoid any hackers from breaching your system. We establish a maintenance window with all our customers to verify that regular updates are being carried out on a weekly basis as part and parcel of our service. Our goal is to put your mind at ease and not put your data at risk of potential cyber threats.


Cyber security services at Solutions4IT:


  • Anti-virus software

The anti-virus software identifies and removes any suspicious files or content before it can disrupt your system.

  • Robust firewalls

This is a layered network strategy with the aim to prevent any unauthorised access to your data and also provides you with comprehensive reporting.

  • Training & testing

As mentioned above, we provide your team with the necessary training to avoid and identify suspicious attempts by hackers to access your data.


Our team of specialists are qualified Cyber Essentials practitioners helping organisations like you to mitigate risk against common cyber threats and keep your business secure. For more information visit our cyber security page or get in touch by calling our friendly team at the office on 0121 289 4477 or email us at


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