How to protect your Organisation from Cyber Attacks

Now is the time to become cyber aware and keep up with cyber security. Many SME’s are failing at some of the most basic cyber security procedures and as the threats are becoming more advanced and less targeted, your business could be at risk. There isn’t a single solution to providing 100% protection by itself against cyber attacks but the risk can be minimised and reduced through discipline, education and management alongside using sophisticated cyber security practises.

We live in a digital world and some individuals take advantage of that through gaining access to private data which they later use to gain profit. Cyber attacks are becoming less targeted which means that anyone is at risk & should keep their IT secure. All of our devices connect to a network which can be easily accessed & taken advantage of by cyber criminals. There are a number of practises that you can use to ramp up your security level:

Strong Passwords

Nowadays we use a password for anything and everything. However, they are still one of the best lines of defence against cyber criminals and attacks. We recommend using a password checker before agreeing to a password to ensure that it is secure. 


Encryption is one of the simplest and most effective ways of securing your internet connection. This is through converting your data into a code which makes it much more difficult for unauthorised users to gain access to your data. 


This is a network security device which manages and filters all incoming and outgoing network traffic. It is essentially the middleman between your private internal network and the public external internet. This will help you pick up on any suspicious emails or attempts at gaining access to your network which you can then action & prevent.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPN, similarly to firewalls, acts as the middle ground between your connected device and the internet. It hides all of your activity so that you are completely anonymous when browsing the internet. This is an additional layer of security when using Wi-Fi.

Routers & Network

All routers & networks come with a generic username and password. It is important to change this information when setting up your router to prevent hackers from being able to gain access to it. The reason being is that the generic data is stored on public records which makes it easy for cyber criminals to access that information and cause damage.

Regular Updates

Patches and updates are constantly being produced in order to fix any vulnerabilities that have come to light. If you fail to regularly follow these updates you are essentially exposing yourself to a potential cyber attack and making it easier for cyber criminals to compromise your data.


With GDPR laws now in place, data security is crucial and organisations have a bigger responsibility on how data is stored, processed and looked after. The governing body that enforces GDPR is the ICO. They look to see whether organisations are taking the necessary measures to data protection. 



Solutions4IT can help your organisation with implementing technical measures to efficiently manage your cyber security & data protection whilst reducing the risk of cyber attacks. Speak with our IT experts to see how we can help your organisation stay safe, call us on 0121 289 4477 or email us at For more information visit our Cyber Security page here.

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