How Online Collaboration Tools Could Help Your Business

It’s no secret that teamwork is one of the key ingredients to a successful business. But in today’s interconnected, wireless world, teams don’t necessarily need to be in the same location to make teamwork work—that is, as long as each team member is equipped with the right tools for collaborating and communicating on a project. So how do you determine which tools are right for your organisation and teams, and what should you look for when evaluating prospective solutions?

Tracking Capabilities

When choosing a collaboration tool or software, it’s important to have a track record so you can trace back steps and see how the project has evolved. Tracking previous comments or feedback to revert back to how something was before, by having a trace of your developments within a project and a record of this can make it so much easier to manage a project, together, online! No email trails to communicate and get lost in, just one place of conversation!


Nearly all projects have a need for reporting, but reporting takes up a lot of time and can sometimes feel like unnecessary admin. It can often be easy to lose track of some of the activities that have been completed on a certain project, especially when working alongside a larger team. By choosing a good online collaboration tool that is easy to generate detailed reports including the activities associated with a certain project will give team members more time to work on other activities.

Work From Anywhere

All you need is an internet connection and you can be connected with your work colleagues or associates from anywhere in the world working on the same project regardless of the location. You can contribute whilst on the go and still be involved in the project.

Documentation & Filing

Another benefit to using online collaboration tools is the dreaded filing of documents. You can all be working, from anywhere on one project and still all have access to any documents or files related to the project saved within the software. No more USB devices necessary and different versions floating around in different locations. Any updates to the documents can be seen immediately making it completely adaptable and transparent.

No More Meetings, about Meetings!

This is an absolute game changer. Gone are the days of getting a project so far to sit with someone for feedback or approval which then inevitably leads to waiting for a meeting to be arranged which can then get cancelled. Documents can be uploaded into the tool and reviewers can be notified by email that there have been changes. The quick prompt will often see quicker reactions and with tools available to make comments and annotations, the workflow becomes much quicker and efficient



Collaborate for better results…

The right tool can change the way we work – Ask us for advice on utilising online collaboration tools in your business.


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