Collaborate from anywhere using Office 365

Office 365 allows you to unlock the modern way of working. Whether you are working from home or if you are having to work on the go, you can rest assured Office 365 give you the tools to adapt from wherever you are. Attend meetings online, share office files, work as a team and collaborate – from anywhere!

Team work

Collaboration as a team needs to be smooth. You want to be able to build ideas, attend meetings and organise files together. With Microsoft Teams everyone can work together as one, whether your working remotely or in a different timezone. Create a team for everyone in that project, with a central place to discuss, share and communicate.

  • Chat from anywhere (discussions, one to one messages)
  • Meet from anywhere (video conferences, one to one meetings)
  • Call from anywhere (phone system, direct routing, calling plans)
  • Collaborate from anywhere (access, share and edit files in real time)


Collaborate with select peers

If you have a specific project you want to work with someone on, you can get them to edit and co-author with you. You may need help on a presentation but don’t want to open it up to a group, just invite someone to real-time co-author the document with you. Use @mentions within comments, edit across different devices and see who is working on what section at the same time, see changes made by others. You can always share to a team at a later date when you feel like its ready!

  • Share your excel workbook so you can work with others in real-time, leaving comments and using @mentions to send notifications
  • Share your Powerpoint presentation so others can view and edit with you at the same time


Share in the Cloud

Save your files and photos to a Microsoft OneDrive and access them from any device, anywhere, at any time. Access selected files without being online. You can share your files, folders and photos with no large excessive email attachments or thumb drives, just a link via an email or a text!

  • Files on demand – access all of your OneDrive files without taking up any space on your PC
  • Document scanning – use your phone to scan and store paper documents, receipts, business cards and notes in OneDrive
  • Personal Vault – store your important files and photos in a protected area


Share and Present

You can utilise Microsoft Teams to get your final approval on a project and get some feedback. You can even present your project by video call and screen sharing to go through your presentation. Use the calendar tool in Teams to suggest a date.

  • Present your entire screen, desktop and activity
  • Show just one window keeping the rest of the screen private
  • Present a powerpoint file that others can interact with
  • Utilise whiteboard to collaborate with others in real time


Collaborate Better with Office 365

Ask us for more information on how you can utilise Office 365 to its full potential and encourage more productivity and collaboration in the work place.


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