You should update your system, but not during a medical intervention

NRK, Norway’s Public Radio reported that a patient was held under anaesthesia for an hour due to a PC that automatically started an update.
It seems it was a fairly standard procedure, and it wasn’t something life threatening, but the patient had to undergo another procedure at a later time.

For our engineers, this story might seem funny, but actually, this is why our solution updates our customers’ computers during off hours.

It is important to keep your devices up to date and we highly recommend this especially when it comes to cyber-security. We believe that an updated system is a safer system. Nonetheless, we do believe that updates should be handled by professionals, and never during working hours. Also, it is important to have updates tested and researched before pushing them to your machines, minimising the chances of unseen vulnerabilities and installation issues.

Our colleague Mike Foster says:

As software becomes more advanced it is more difficult to eliminate potential vulnerabilities. Threats are becoming more sophisticated and stealthier. If your applications aren’t updated with the latest security patches, you are running the risk of being exploited by attackers – which can lead to unplanned downtime, sensitive data being compromised or even a data breach.
Proactive patch management is essential because it only takes one device to compromise an entire network. Our Support 247 Remote Monitoring and Management tool mitigates these risks with a proactive monitoring and management platform that deploys patches remotely and at a time most convenient for you.

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