I remember one of my last jobs before stepping across from IT Technician back into IT Sales.
A simple Windows 7 to Windows 10 upgrade, a task which turned out to be far from straight forward.

The Workstations were typically 4 years old, the operating systems were Windows 7 and the upgrades all to Windows 10.

What can possibly go wrong?

The install was straight forward, the reboot and access to the new Windows 10 desktops all went to plan. Completed the job as planned, a few glitches, however, no remaining Win 7’s and a network of newly upgraded Windows 10 PC’s.

Whilst the upgrades went largely to plan, the issues that followed, the conflicts, the performance issues, the blue screens, made me think that upgrading just isn’t the best option.

I conclude by suggesting that before you follow a similar journey, take time to plan each upgrade in advance and definitely consider your other options:

A replacement Workstation, 2 options without the need for capital investment or exposure to future obsolescence.

Hardware-as-a-Service & Desktop-as-a-Service.