Why should you make the move to Office 365 from a user perspective

One of the biggest frustrations of every employee is when technology fails them during their work. I have found that when staff can’t work effectively, productivity decreases.

I am thankful that we were introduced to Office 365.
Before this we struggled to share files, we sent email in a high volume between team members, and we made meeting notes on documents, that we would then spend time searching for to go back over.

Since Office365 was installed for our users, we can use a whole host of fantastic applications and services to help our business run smoothly. Staff can communicate through Teams and Skype. We can store notes and documents through OneNote for easy access and we can all edit and add to meeting notes at the same time using SharePoint.

The older features that we have become accustomed to are still there like our Outlook, Word and Excel, but now we have added extras that we didn’t realise we needed so much.

[vimeo 243463690 w=640 h=360]

Office 365 Empowers Premier Water Removal’s Growth, and its Owner’s Compassion from Project Odo on Vimeo.

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