Why Customer Service Is Important To Us

Solutions 4 IT Team Meeting

At Solutions 4 IT, our aim is to deliver Excellent Customer Service. In order to achieve this we need to know how our customers feel about us, what can we do to improve and what things we are doing well.

Firstly let me explain a little about Smileback.

Smileback is a customer satisfaction platform. It links in with our Helpdesk system and monitors each and every ticket that we work on and close. It will then email you, the client, with a simple and quick survey that asks you to rate your customer satisfaction for the work carried out based on 3 emojis, and to leave a feedback comment if you so wish (we love to read your comments so do please leave one).


The 3 emoji’s represent the following:

Green Happy Face

A Green Happy face to signify that you were happy and satisfied with the work carried out and our customer service was GOOD, GREAT or EXCELLENT!

Yellow Neutral Face

A Yellow Neutral face to signify that there were some issues with resolving your problem and that our customer service was GOOD or OK.

Red Sad Face

A Red Sad face to signify that there were some major issues with resolving your problem and that our customer service was POOR.

Why is this feedback important to us?

All of this feedback is displayed on our dedicated screens within the office and allows everyone in the team to instantly see how our clients feel about us and how we are dealing with your needs. Any neutral or negative posts that come back to us are reviewed by the Management Team, and then either the Service Delivery Manager or your dedicated Account Manager will contact you to discuss the issues. This information is then shared throughout the company. We work on ways to improve ourselves and our processes so that in the future all of our clients feel that their problems are fixed correctly and that we are delivering that Excellent Customer Service.

We also use the feedback to incentivise our staff to strive to deliver Excellent Customer Service. People love to know when they have done a good job, so when you give us a green smiley face and leave those wonderful comments it gives a real boost to the whole team morale. As the old adage goes “a Happy worker is a productive and effective worker”! We certainly do see this amongst the staff when we have those comments. We encourage all clients to please leave feedback where possible so that the engineer working on your tickets can see how much they are appreciated by you.

In addition to the feedback comments we have set a target internally to receive 98% positive comments. All of the engineers are tasked to push for that target and exceed it on a quarterly basis, and when this is achieved they are rewarded.

I am proud to say that we have hit this target constantly for the past 4 quarters, and am really proud of the team for providing Excellent Support and Service to our clients.

Please continue to leave us your feedback, and if you haven’t left us feedback in the past please do so! You can see from the above we take it very seriously and it helps us to improve our relationships with our customers, it improves our processes and procedures and it improves our staff.

Thank you for your feedback from the Service Team.

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