Why choose to outsource your IT department?

The benefits of outsourcing many parts of your business may seem obvious, with many believing it is a great way to cut costs for business functions such as accounting, marketing, HR and of course IT. You could look to run your whole company without ever needing to employ a single employee! 

However, it is not just a cost cutting exercise that is a big benefit to looking to utilise an external IT company for ongoing help and business support, there are far more gains to doing this which we have highlighted below…

Create a sleek & efficient IT environment

Tap into the experts’ knowledge, rely on their tools and resources to provide you with the best solutions to improve your existing IT infrastructure. You may have someone in the office who is tech savvy, but they were not necessarily hired for that role, so utilise an external IT company to bring you up to speed on functionality, adapt and evolve your business and keep on track of software updates, patches, fixes etc.

Focus on your company

Your business should be your focus at all times, after all it is what you do, your good at and should be thriving in. Avoid the constant stress and hassle of IT issues that can hinder your working day or week and let the IT company deal with that. Every company has limits to its resources so create a better return on investment by outsourcing these issues to someone who can fix the issue quickly whilst you refocus on what it is you need to achieve, succeed and grow.

Stay Secure & Reduce Risks

Keeping up with technology required to run your business is expensive and time consuming. Your outsourced IT company will have it in their best interests to provide you with a secure and reliable setup, including being alert to backup and hardware failures, corruption of databases, virus and spyware intrusions and acting quickly on any of these scenarios to provide minimal risk and downtime to your business. 

Here at Solutions 4IT we are also partnered with Cyber Essentials which is an initiative pioneered by the GCHQ to help us mitigate risk against the most common cyber threats and demonstrate commitment to cyber security

Reduce & Control Operating Costs

By outsourcing your IT you are able to have some control over what you are paying for and for what in return. Usually within a monthly fee, which won’t fluctuate per month, you will be able to budget better and have peace of mind that your IT is being monitored, checked and improved regularly without having to worry about regular additional expenditure

Strategic Consulting & Future Proofing

By utilising your IT companies years of experience, working with different businesses and their needs, you will be able to get the best advice for any future IT requirements. By working with an experienced company, you will be able to work with them to evaluate your company growth and the IT needs you will need to fulfil. 

At Solutions 4 IT, we will assess the status of your current technology and provide recommendations to help you make the right decisions based on your business and technology strategies making the right IT investments giving you invaluable support with your IT.

Access to New Technology

Technology can be scary, especially at the speed it evolves and advances. By working with a modern IT business, you will be able to stay ahead of the curve and ensure your IT setup is delivering the best possible outcome for your business and utilising new technology to better your business output. 

Our team of specialists at Solutions 4IT regularly participate in certification and training courses to cater for different requirements of businesses in various industries so we are able to offer something for everyone. 



Reduce down time through 24/7 server monitoring, support and management services by outsourcing your IT support to Solutions4IT. 

For a free IT assessment, please click here and a member of our team will be in touch to guide you on some best practices and solutions we could offer for a better, more efficient working environment for your business.