Where to begin with Cyber Essentials

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a type of scheme that is backed-up by the government and operated by the National Cyber Security Centre. This scheme highlights key security practises that teach businesses on the best practises to use in order to protect themselves from cyber threats.

There are two different certifications as a part of the Cyber Essentials scheme:

  • Cyber Essentials
  • Cyber Essentials Plus

Cyber essentials certification is an assessment that takes place internally & performs a check of your security systems. Cyber Essentials Plus certification requires a third party vulnerability assessment of your security systems in order to earn your accreditation.


There are 5 key technical controls that are checked and covered as a part of the Cyber Essentials assessment:

  1. Secure internet connection.
  2. Devices & software are secure.
  3. Control access of data and services.
  4. System is protected from viruses and malware.
  5. Devices & software are all kept up to date.


To increase the level of security within your business it is important to ensure that you meet all of the above Cyber Essential requirements. It also means you will be awarded with a Cyber Essentials certificate. It’s especially important for businesses during a very digital age to make sure that they are protected from viruses and other malware. There has been a steady increase over the last few years in cyber crime and businesses suffering as a result of not being protected.

Solutions 4 IT provides remote Cyber Essential audits to ensure that your business is secure and well protected against cybersecurity breaches that would no doubt be damaging to your business.



No business should be left worrying whether their business is secure from cyber threats or not. Solutions 4 IT as well as helping your business become Cyber Essentials accredited, provides businesses with cyber security services to businesses. Call us on 0121 289 4477 or email us at info@solutions4it.co.uk

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