What is Microsoft Office 365 ‘MyAnalytics’?

Microsoft Office 365 have released a new AI powered productivity insights feature called ‘MyAnalytics’. It presents you with information & analytical data which can help you to improve your work patterns.

The program offers:
• Statistics about how you have spent your time over a specific period
• Insights into your work habits
• Offers tips for improvement
• Collaboration activities

The benefit of this program means you can set time aside for your week before it starts to get busy with meetings, emails and phone calls. The main goal is to get your working week organised & focused to ensure you prioritise properly.

The dashboard is broken up into various sections:


The home dashboard gives you a brief overview of your work patterns over a month. This includes independent work time (Focus), time you have spent working with others (Collaboration), and time you took to disconnect from work (Wellbeing).


This page shows the average time you spend working independently based on the collaborations you set up with others in your network. The ‘Collaboration’ aspect is based on time spent emailing, being on the phone, being in meetings both online and face to face. From this information plus your working hours, the AI can then tell you how much time you should be spending to ‘Focus’ on your own independent work to reach your deadlines.

For example: If your working hours are set as 9 am to 5 pm daily (8 working hours per day) and you spent 30 hours in meetings, emails, chats, and calls in a given week, your dashboard will show 75% collaboration and 25% time available to focus for that week.


This page focuses on how well you take time away from your work after hours, as well as offering suggestions to reduce stress, anxiety & burnout. It breaks up your week to show you how many ‘Quiet Days’ you have to improve your work – life balance. So this means that any active collaboration you have outside of your working hours means that you do not have a ‘Quiet Day’. This can include emails, phone calls or meetings.

For example: If your set work schedule is 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday, and you spent more than an hour reading or replying to email after 5 PM on Monday, and attended a meeting from 6 to 7 PM that same day, that Monday won’t count as a quiet day.

Network & Collaboration

This area is all about the relationships you have with people in your network, and how much time you put into activities over a month/year. It details who you are actively connected with and gives advice on how to improve connections with your most important contacts, like your team manager for example.

It also allows you to mark certain people as ‘Important’ which further helps you to visualise & prioritise you work & collaboration time much better as well as maintaining a healthy working relationship. MyAnalytics will remind you of unread emails from these people and tasks you need to do for them.

MyAnalytics is an intelligent piece of software which can benefit the busiest of businesses. Designed with your privacy in mind, Microsoft have built the program so that only you can view your personal data and insights.

If you think that Microsoft’s MyAnalytics could improve how you and your team work, the team at Solutions4IT would be happy to help with any questions you may have. Call us on 0121 289 4477 for more information.