What is Cyber Essentials & Why do I need it?


Cyber Essentials is a scheme that is backed up by the UK Government aiming to reduce the amount of cyber vulnerability that is seen in many businesses. Cyber attacks have always been a pending threat that businesses fear and are anticipating, which is why cyber security is a necessity rather than just a luxury.


What are the benefits of Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials protects your business against 80% of cyber attacks (Executive Compass, 24th May 2017) allowing you to work in a safe and secure environment without fear of your data being exploited or accessed without permission. Many organisations lack basic security such as updated and correctly configured firewalls which cyber attacks quickly identify and use to their advantage.

Although there isn’t any cyber strategy that will 100% protect your business from all kinds of cyber attacks, it is a prevention method that challenges vulnerability within your business to help stop as many cyber attacks as it can.

Another benefit of having Cyber Essentials is that it makes your business appear much more secure and reliable. Customers are more likely to do business with you knowing that their data is well protected and unlikely to be affected incase of a breach.


Why do I need it?

Despite the main benefit of Cyber Essentials being that it protects you from future cyber attacks, it is now becoming a mandatory requirement. Governments and people alike are starting to realise that anyone who holds data also has a big responsibility on how that data is stored and processed. As a result, the Government has issued a statement that requires businesses to comply with the new Cyber Essentials in order to bid for some Government contracts. This is more so for contracts that involve sensitive and private information which need to be supported by a reliable cyber system.

It is an important and good investment as it provides you with all the necessary measures to keep you protected from any cyber security breaches and reassures your customers that their private information is kept safe. For more information regarding Cyber Essentials visit our cyber security page here.

Solutions 4 IT are qualified Cyber Essentials practitioners who can provide you with a gap analysis of what measures you would need to take to gain certification on to the scheme. To get in touch call us on 0121 289 4477 or email us at sales@solutions4it.co.uk