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Spam / junk mail is a nuisance, it builds up to vast amounts of unwanted emails, which saturate your inbox, and demand your constant attention. Worse still junk mail contains viruses and malicious code that create havoc when active on your devices and can spread at speed throughout your workplace.
Endpoint software, that is Antivirus / Malware software installed on your device, provides essential security to both your device, and the network and should be active, up to date, and running on all devices.

However, running only traditional anti-malware scans means you are no longer protected well enough against attacks. Today’s more sophisticated attackers use commonly available tools to create new, more complex delayed attacks that won’t be recognised by traditional signature-based anti-malware endpoint software.

The Mail Laundry

A mail filtering service like The Mail Laundry [] provides an additional level of security by positioning itself between the Internet & your mail server. Viruses detected on your device can be very time consuming to remove, therefore, removing the infected emails from the system before an employee can view or download the infected attachment offers significant improvement in detection rates and can potentially save a considerable amount of valuable time.

The Mail Laundry as been dedicated to keeping mail safe for more than 10 years, a dedicated team of Cyber-Security professionals that position themselves at the forefront of email security. Dedicated and constant research & development enables The Mail Laundry to write complex filtering algorithms in-house and their expertise is recognised to be the best in their field.

In simple terms, what additional filtering does The Mail Laundry provide to your organisation?

• The Mail Laundry service takes email attachments and executes them in a virtual environment to determine whether they’re safe or malicious. This process opens each file in a virtual computer environment, then watches what happens after the file is opened.

• The Mail Laundry service provides added protection against Phishing, by using advanced machine learning code that detect attempts to impersonate you.

• Real-time updates protect users from newly registered domains names contained in emails, this detects ‘looks like’ email addresses and spoofing attempts.

• The Mail Laundry provides real-time click protection & URL scanning to protect against spear-fishing campaigns.

• CEO Fraud – The Mail Laundry detects attempts to assume an identity and execute requests to staff that result in the wrongful transfer of money.

• The Mail Laundry will stop all emails that come from a blacklisted file of known spammers

The Mail Laundry is an essential additional service your existing email configuration and will compliment both your on-premise service or an online offering like Microsoft’s 0365 Exchange service.

Mike Haddon
Marketing Manager

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