The cost of Cyber Essentials in 2021

One of the most effective ways to boost your IT security within your business is by becoming Cyber Essentials certified.

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed scheme aiming to implement a significant level of cyber security within organisations across the UK. The Cyber Essentials scheme helps to address some of the most common weaknesses within IT infrastructures to prevent cyber threats or breaches of your data.

How much does Cyber Essentials Cost?

IASME is the chosen cyber security body that oversees Cyber Essentials certification. The cost of our Cyber Essentials Basic package is charged at £360 + VAT.  The assessment covers several areas including the below:-






Antivirus/ Anti-malware



We would first advise to run a vulnerability scan to check all of the above factors have been addressed before applying to the Cyber Essentials certification scheme. Alternatively, our Security specialists can support you within your Cyber Essentials certification process for £600 + VAT. This package is ideal for first time applicants.

    How much does Cyber Essentials Plus cost?

    Those organisations that seek to meet a higher level of security should be looking at the Cyber Essentials Plus certification. Cyber Essentials Plus involves a three-stage audited technical process with a hands-on vulnerability assessment, internal scan and an on-site assessment.

    In order to be eligible for the Cyber Essentials Plus audit, you will need to pass it within the three months of obtaining your Cyber Essentials certification. Alternatively, you can complete both assessments at the same time. Visit our Cyber Essentials Plus page for a cost breakdown of this certification process.

    How long does Cyber Essentials last?

    When you pass your Cyber Essentials assessments and become certified, this accreditation will be valid for 12 months. You will be required to review your IT cyber security and renew the certification annually.

    IASME does send a reminder email to certified organisations a month before your certificate expires to ensure that you have plenty of time to renew. If you certified via ourselves we will also contact you before renewal is required.

    What happens if you do not become Cyber Essentials certified?

    With cyber crime on the rise and cyber attacks becoming less targeted, it leaves all businesses vulnerable to attempted cyber attacks or breaches.

    It has been proven that by becoming Cyber Essentials certified, you reduce the risk of common cyber attacks by 80%. A 2020 Ponemon Institute study found that those who were not cyber Essentials certified suffered a £3 million cost which potentially could put them out of business as a result of data breaches, many of which could’ve been prevented through obtaining a Cyber Essentials accreditation (1).


    Solutions4IT offers several Cyber Essentials packages for you to choose from. Whether you are a first time applicant or looking to renew, our IT specialists are here to help protect your data and be on the road to becoming Cyber Essentials certified. Speak to our team by calling 0121 289 4477.

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