In cyber security, online threats spread across sectors and borders, affecting businesses of all sizes, people from all backgrounds and even threatening our most important infrastructure, from schools to hospitals.

Luckily, when we are threatened with large-scale and national threats, we all have organisations devoted to mitigating that from happening. In our case in the UK, one of the largest names that come to mind would be the NCSC.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and Plexal have recently revealed the four latest start-ups joining its cybersecurity accelerator program. In this blog, we’ll run through what this program is and how it affects us.


What is the Cybersecurity program?

What is the program actually about you ask? The Cyber security “NCSC For Start-ups” program aims to help organisations with secure investment. Additionally, it aims to provide the expertise they need to take their products to the next level.

This is quite a unique initiative that offers start-ups insights and guidance from NCSC experts. This will enable them to develop, adapt or pilot technology to meet the most significant Cyber security challenges facing the UK.

This transformative initiative is partnered between the NCSC and Plexal- an organisation devoted to governmental Cyber security based in London.


Who are the Start-ups in this Cyber security program?

The first five companies offer a range of solutions to issues including cyber fraud and ransomware.

The companies are:

  • PORGiESOFT – an ed-tech startup using AI to develop cyber fraud detection for enterprise employees
  • Exalens – equipping SME manufacturers with an inexpensive threat detection service
  • Enclave – helping organisations effortlessly create Zero Trust overlay networks
  • Meterian – SaaS provider platform that builds a scalable and sustainable line of defence for apps that use open-source software
  • Rebellion Defence – using AI to defend national security systems against threats like ransomware

The chosen companies will receive direct support from Plexal’s cyber innovation team and leading experts from the NCSC and GCHQ- another Cyber security governmental agency, located within Birmingham.

“NCSC For Startups” is the successor to the NCSC Cyber Accelerator- a program which helped more than 40 tech companies raise over £100 million in external investment.


How does this affect us?

Most recently, the NCSC tasked their five startups to tackle particular ransomware-related challenges that weren’t already addressed to the market. An example of this could be making sure that SMEs have affordable protection.

Additionally, they bring together industry leaders and security experts from within the NCSC to give the startups all the insights they need to develop.

Our conclusion for this blog is that this not only affects us by strengthening national Cyber security awareness across many large businesses, but it also emphasises that everyone can benefit by doing so.

No matter how small or large the threat or target, having awareness of Cyber security is still important.

We hope you’ve found this short-informational news blog helpful in broadening your knowledge of the industry of Cyber security.

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