Panasonic has recently been a victim of a data breach when hackers hacked into their network

The data breach lasted just over 4 months

The large Japanese electronics consumer Panasonic has disclosed in November 2021 that an unauthorised third party breached their security and broke into their network.

In a short statement, the Panasonic representative stated, “as the result of an internal investigation, it was determined that some data on a file server had been accessed during the intrusion”. Although Panasonic didn’t comment on what data was exactly compromised as a result of the breach, but TechCrunch revealed that the breach had originally begun on June 22nd of this year and ended on November 3rd (1).

Panasonic has confirmed that the unauthorised access was first discovered on November 11th and in a recent press release, the company revealed that they are conducting their own investigation and are “working with a specialist third-party organization to investigate the leak and determine if the breach involved customers’ personal information and/or sensitive information related to social infrastructure” (2).

Anyone is at risk of a data breach

Year on year, cyber criminals are becoming more unpredictable and sophisticated with their cyber attacks. They do not just target big corporations that are well-known. In fact, all businesses worldwide are at a risk of a cyber attack if they do not have the right measures and processes in place to eliminate vulnerabilities which cyber criminals could exploit.

It’s important to remember that hackers don’t discriminate and all that is required is for you to leave the door open and them walking through to have a look around. Their actions could leave your business vulnerable and cost a lot of money to repair all the damage that’s been done and make up for the loss. CNBC reported that approximately 83% of cyber attacks are financially motivated which is why the cost of them can have a detrimental effect on your business (3).


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