Laptop Donation to Newfield Park Primary School in Halesowen

In light of the past year where some pupils have found it difficult to continue learning from home due to COVID-19 and to relieve some of the pressure on the schools finances, we have taken the decision to donate 20 laptops to Newfield Park Primary School, we are hoping that these laptops can help in the children’s learning and allow the school to spend their budget on items that they badly need to provide the children with a safe and engaging environment to study.

A few kind words from the Business Manager at Newfield Park Primary School:

“Newfield Park Primary School were delighted to be offered 20 laptops from Solutions 4 IT in Halesowen.  During recent times, we are aware that some families have struggled to access online learning due to the availability of an appropriate device. Newfield Park Primary School will be able to support children who need to access online learning at home thanks to this kind donation.  Thank you once again to Solutions 4 IT for supporting a local school and their community.”

We believe that it is extremely important that each and every pupil has access to equipment that enables them to continue their study and learning outside of school. With COVID-19 putting a lot of pressure on schools and the students’ families, we thought it was important to help and donate equipment that will help them continue their study remotely. 

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