Love it or hate it, technology has become an integral part of our lives. This applies to everyone, regardless of whether this is represented in the social media posts you scroll through day-to-day or the devices you use in your company.


IT and technology has fast become one of, if not the most important element to your business. Ensuring your processes, services and data are readily available at all times. But what happens if something stops working?

We’re not just talking about something as simple as a password reset, a corrupt file or a software update. Major downtime and system errors can result from a lack of monitoring and Cyber Security at any time, for any given reason.

Now, because of this responsibility, many could see IT Support and Monitoring as a burden. In this blog, we’ll cover a way we can turn that burden into a benefit for your business.


What is Managed IT Support?

The greatest solution to maintaining your IT within your business is to manage and monitor it. This is especially the case for Cyber Security, but can also apply to simpler things such as monitoring how old the devices in your network are. As the saying goes, you can’t fight what you can’t see.

Our Managed IT Support Service provides your business with direct access to a Helpdesk, that is managed by a team of ‘tech experts’ who will get to know your systems inside out.

With Enterprise-level technologies, our experienced IT Engineers can remotely access your devices and network. Dealing with issues quickly and effectively – whether you’re in the office, or working from home.

What’s more, automation tools will provide ongoing monitoring and management of your servers and systems. Furthermore, they can perform automated health checks and patching, and best of all fix issues before you’re even aware.

An example of such a technology is EDR. You can check out an entire blog we made on what EDR is here.

The best part is that this isn’t all we have to offer. We host a range of services under our flexible IT Support contracts such as the ones listed below:

IT Support banner



The Benefits of Managed IT Support

By externally Managing your IT through trusted providers such as ourselves, you can streamline your own business operations. Now, of course, there is the consideration of cost to point out, however, let’s debunk why that isn’t such a hindrance:

  • Firstly, if you wouldn’t pay external providers, you would still have to have an IT employee that could fill the role. However, there might be training needed, as well as periods of inactivity e.g., after work hours, employee annual leave etc. This problem isn’t shared with external providers such as ourselves that can provide IT Support 24/7/365.


  • Secondly, paying an external provider or even an in-house employee is a lot less expensive in the long-term, than a fine from the GDPR after a data breach, or from a period of inactivity in your business after the servers shut down, for instance.

Furthermore, a benefit to mention is our flexibility. Unlike other external IT Service Providers, If you have some in-house support, we offer complimentary IT Services and a dedicated service ticketing board to allow your own team to work seamlessly with us.

This also makes it extremely simple to monitor all devices across your network and escalate urgent tickets as required.

Additionally, our Business systems are cloud-based for ease and are accessible through a web browser – making it simple for you to engage with us as required.

Tickets are prioritised to allow us to work on the most important issue for your business – delivering fixes and solutions for you as rapidly as possible.

Finally, a simple reason to monitor and manage your IT is that everyone else is doing it! A report from Zippia confirmed that Between 2015-2020, the number of companies that monitor their employee’s online activity increased by over 166%.

We all know the importance of staying ahead of the competition when it comes to business operations such as this. IT is no exception.

Looking after your IT can give you a competitive edge, making you stand out to customers all the more, for example, with certifications that we offer such as Cyber Essentials.



In conclusion, at Solutions 4 IT, we understand that IT can be quite a hefty responsibility to business owners and employees, however, we hope this article has broadened your options and hopefully, turned what could be a burden, into a benefit. 

That is the end of our blog. We hope you’ve found this blog useful in making decisions for your IT in the future.

If so, be sure to stay up-to-date on our latest blog releases, ranging from IT News blogs to Knowledgebase articles. Thank you for reading!