IT Support during Lockdown

How can Solutions4IT help your business continue efficiently but safely during the second lockdown?

As the Coronavirus continues to cause disruption to the nation and we enter our second national lockdown this month, many small businesses will be panicking and relying on some IT support to help plan, prepare and support them during another month (and more) at home.


How we can help with Remote IT Support


Call Re-routing

We can help you to reroute your customer enquiries to your employee’s phones. We can ensure that with the use of Microsoft teams, all of your usual phone and call activity can resume as normal as long as you have an internet connection. With the beauty of Microsoft Teams direct routing service, we can provide free calls to landlines from your home.

Bandwidth Upgrades

With millions of people now working from home again, it is inevitable that the connections and quality of work will deteriorate. We can assist with upgrades and boosters to ensure you get the most optimum results with your team setup.  

Network & Security 

Although you may be able to communicate with an internet connection from home using Microsoft Teams or Zoom, you will still need to access your work or office servers and files to do the work. We can help you with a secure VPN setup (virtual private network) ensuring your employees can connect to the company network even when working from home. 

There are a number of security implications when moving to a remote setup so Cyber Security policies should be shared with your team which we can also assist with. 

Technology & Resources

If you or your team don’t have the right technology available to set up a remote work space, we can assist with laptops and devices where necessary.


Choose Solutions4IT for your IT Support during Lockdown

IT has already played a pivotal role in helping businesses overcome the Coronavirus challenges, but it is crucial that all businesses invest in a good IT support team to help them continue to work during this second lockdown.

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