Solutions4IT Limited are pleased to announce the award of ISO 27001, a very big well done to the Directors and all Staff who have worked hard to achieve the standards required. The award demonstrates a high level of competence in the area of information security.

Organisations with ISO 27001 certification demonstrate that they have identified and assessed potential security risks to information and data they hold that may be confidential, and have taken steps to ensure those risks are mitigated.

Safeguarding information assets and personal data is both a basic business requirement, and often a legal and regulatory obligation.  The Information Commission Office specifically mentions ISO 27001 certification as a consideration in establishing whether an organisation has taken ‘reasonable steps’ in protecting personal data under GDPR. ISO 27001 certification can also regularly be a requirement in tendering for public sector and large company projects.

Who is the certification for?

ISO 27001 is relevant to organisations of all shapes and sizes, including public, private and third sectors, across all industries.  The management and security of corporate information is vital to all organisations and although the nature or amount of data may look very different in a computer software company to a coffee shop, many of the basic principles are the same and ISO 27001’s flexible framework allows organisations to take a structured approach to management of data, security risks and continual improvement of processes and procedures.


The Benefits;

  • Helps manage security of data in physical and electronic forms.
  • Reduces cyber security risks.
  • Increases awareness of potential risks and threats and builds a culture of security.
  • Demonstrates credibility and trust, instilling confidence in customers and stakeholders and enhancing company reputation.
  • Increases competitive edge by meeting or exceeding contractual requirements.
  • Continually improves processes and procedures reducing costs and errors.
  • Achieves operational excellence, increasing productivity and profit.
  • Enhances customer satisfaction and improves client retention.
  • Achieves governance and business continuity requirements.
  • Supports regulatory and legal compliance.


For further information and advice on IT Security initiatives, like the above, GDPR, and the Government’s CYBER Essentials Scheme, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Mike Haddon
Marketing Manager