The figures have just come in on a report. Google cracked down on a LOT of sketchy apps last year. In total, 2.28 million of them were booted from the Google Play store. That’s a massive jump from the 1.43 million apps they axed in 2022.


Why the increase?

So, what’s behind this surge in app eviction? Google credits it to their beefed-up security measures. They’ve been investing in new security features, updates to their policies, and fancy machine-learning tech to sniff out suspicious content.

Not to mention, the amount of threats online has also increased. Exploiting AI for phishing content applies to apps as well, as has no doubt been used to make more “trustworthy” scams. As the number of cyber threats rise online, we’ve had a pretty good track record of also advancing our Cyber Security measures and policies to counteract it.

But it’s not just about reducing shady content. Google also tightened up the process for developers looking to hop on board. I guess it goes back to the saying- better to fight the disease than its symptoms. They’re asking for more info upfront and keeping a close eye on suspicious behaviour. They banned 333,000 shady developer accounts last year alone.


Further Steps Google Have Taken

And it doesn’t stop there. Google’s been on a mission to protect your privacy too. They nixed or fixed around 200,000 apps that were getting a little too cosy with your sensitive info. Plus, they’re working with SDK providers to make sure your data stays safe when you’re using apps. Google is also keeping tabs on about six million Android apps to help developers make better, safer apps.

But, even with all these safeguards, Google’s not taking any chances. They’ve supercharged Google Play Protect to sniff out sneaky apps in real time.  And it’s paying off — they’ve already caught over five million dodgy apps lurking outside the Play Store.

So, while there’s still the occasional bad apple slipping through the cracks, sticking to the official Play Store is still your best bet for downloading safe, legit apps. Stay tech-savvy out there!

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