Do you have a fax? Be sure it won’t get faxploited

It’s funny that we take some pieces of technology for granted, we never think they could harm us and our businesses, but in the end, we find out that our ignorance harmed us.

This is the case with faxes, a bit antiquated, a machine everybody forgets about, but one that can be hacked and used against us and our business.
A study performed by Check Point researchers Yaniv Balmas and Eyal Itkin analysed fax machines and ways to hack them. And with most faxes being integrated with all-in-one printers which are connected to networks through Ethernet or WiFi, but also connected to a landline number, it seems it is pretty easy to hack a fax and then penetrate and compromise an entire network.

The researchers found several “faxploits” that helped them take complete control over the all-in-one printer by sending a malicious fax.

After attacking the printer they can take control over the network the printer is connected to. In this short clip, the researchers are showing us exactly how they faxploited an HP printer.


HP already released a patch for their printers, but as usual, we have to remind you to always update all your devices.

Cybersecurity is vital for a healthy business nowadays and the first thing you have to do is to keep all your devices updated.

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