In recent events, the Idaho National Laboratory (INL), a prominent US security lab specialising in nuclear energy research, fell victim to a cyber attack. The attackers, allegedly politically motivated threat actors known as SiegedSec, proudly announced their successful data breach and subsequent leak of detailed information on thousands of INL employees.


Details of the Data Breach

SiegedSec claims to have accessed a wealth of sensitive data, including names, dates of birth, email addresses, phone numbers, Social Security numbers (SSNs), home addresses, employment details, and more. The Cybernews research team has independently verified the legitimacy of the leaked dataset, highlighting the severity of the situation.

INL has officially confirmed the cybersecurity breach, attributing the attack to the compromise of its Oracle Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) system.

According to an INL spokesperson, the breach was identified on November 20, prompting immediate action to safeguard employee data. The laboratory has engaged law enforcement agencies, including the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security’s Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency, in response to the incident.

The attackers, SiegedSec, assert that they infiltrated INL’s Oracle platform and sent an infantile announcement to all employees. The Oracle platform is commonly used by companies for managing, analysing, reporting data, and overseeing human resources functions.


About Idaho National Laboratory

INL, with a history dating back to the 1940s, has been a pivotal institution in nuclear power research, testing the impact and applications of nuclear reactors. Employing over 5,300 staff, the laboratory also explores energy applications for vehicles and spacecraft.

SiegedSec: A Politically Motivated Threat: SiegedSec, a hacktivist group, appears to be politically motivated, engaging in coordinated operations against various entities. Previously targeting NATO and the Israeli airline Israir, SiegedSec emerged around the time of the Russian invasion of Ukraine last February. The group’s focus initially seemed random, but it later joined “Operation Israel,” targeting vital systems in the country.

SiegedSec has collaborated with the Russia-linked Anonymous Sudan group and openly shared its focus on critical infrastructure targets in Israel, including telecommunications and industrial control systems.



The cyberattack on the Idaho National Laboratory by SiegedSec underscores the evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats. As institutions grapple with increasingly sophisticated attacks, the need for robust security measures becomes more imperative than ever.

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of proactive Cyber security strategies and the collaborative efforts required to mitigate such risks.


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