Cyber Essentials can help you win over businesses!

Cyber Essentials is a UK government-backed scheme helping organisations stay protected against some of the most common types of cyber threats.

Becoming Cyber Essentials certified has numerous benefits such as providing as much as 98.5% protection against cyber threats and giving you the reassurance that your staff are working safely (1).

You build trust and credibility

In an economy where we heavily rely on being online, it does come with potential cyber security risks. When it comes to doing business with other organisations, we simply rely on trust that our data and private information is safe with them. However, how do you prove that someone is taking the necessary measures to ensure that their business is cyber secure? This is where Cyber Essentials comes in.

Cyber Essentials is a cost-effective and widely recognised cyber security credential, that demonstrates to other organisations that you have taken the right measures and implemented the best practices to ensure that your business is safe to work with.

Customers know how their data is handled

Sharing sensitive and private information alone can be an uncomfortable process and there is nothing more worrying than to find out that your data has been compromised or taken by someone who hasn’t got permission to. In fact, 55% of people reported that they have concern over their personal data being stolen compared to their car (10%) or phone 6%) (2).

Furthermore, 87% of respondents shared that they will take their business somewhere else if they feel like they can’t trust a company to handle their data securely (2).

Becoming Cyber Essentials certified gives your customers the peace of mind that their data is being handled responsibly by your company. They can also see what practices are being used in order to meet the cyber security standards.

Cyber Essentials opens doors to more opportunities

Cyber security is more than just protecting businesses from cyber threats, studies show a 75% high-growth business increase contribution (2). Therefore becoming Cyber Essentials certified helps to grow your business, and build trust with new and existing clients.

Customers want the reassurance that their data won’t be stolen, compromised, or deleted when looked after by your business. Cyber Essentials is a credential tool that demonstrates to customers that your business is secure to work with and handles data responsibly.



There are so many advantages to becoming Cyber Essentials certified. It also forces best practices within your IT infrastructure to ensure that data is handled responsibly and safely. If you are looking to become Cyber Essentials certified or want to renew your certification, speak with our security specialists by calling 0121 289 4477.

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