Cyber Aware Top Tip #3 – Strong Passwords

Weak passwords are easy for hackers to crack. Security experts say that you should use strong & unique passwords for each of your accounts online. Most people tend to choose a complex password and use it across all of their platforms, however this can leave all of your important information across several accounts vulnerable if a hacker gets hold of said password. Using a unique password for each means other accounts are not at risk.

You may be agreeing with those individuals that use the same strong password across all accounts and think that it’s okay. This is not the case, see the following example.

Companies like Google strive to make sure their services are as secure as possible and include verifications processes if something doesn’t seem quite right, which is great for the end user. But this can all fall down at the first hurdle if you entered your super strong password into a website that didn’t take proper care with their client data like Google does.

All it takes is one hacker to attack that vulnerable website, download all of the data and start processing your information. They’ll have your password to hand, meaning they can access any of your accounts anywhere. So all that hard work that Google did to protect you, you are the one that ended up letting the side down with your single strong password.

Remember that your password should always be:
• Long & complicated
• Upper & lowercase
• Unguessable (for example, don’t use your date of birth)
• Changed regularly
• Two factor authenticated
• Never, ever shared.

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