Cyber Aware Top Tip #2 – Leaving Your Desk

Do you find yourself leaving your desk frequently within your workplace?

When leaving your desk for any reason, you should make sure that your data is secure to avoid undesirables accessing your clients important information when you aren’t around. Don’t leave sensitive information on or around your working area. You can avoid this by storing data securely & disposing of it correctly. Ensuring that your computer and devices are locked when leaving them unattended is a good preventative solution as nobody but you can access the information on the device. Don’t make it easy for cyber criminals to gain private information.

Download your poster now

We have created posters to help keep your workforce educated, click here to download the one about leaving your desk & locking devices. We recommend this is printed on A3 in full colour and displayed across the workplace. If you would like a complete set of the posters delivered by Royal mail please fill out the contact form here and use the subject POSTERS.