Christmas shopping online this year? Here’s how to stay safe.

Online fraudulence is on the rise as we become more technology dependent

As we have entered a more technology advanced era and in particular where remote working and online shopping has seamlessly become the new norm, staying safe online is vital. This year many of us will and have already started to purchase Christmas gifts online and many fraudsters and hackers will take advantage of this especially if our cyber security isn’t up to date or present at all.

Think before you click

The most common way that fraudsters will approach you is through adverts that encourage you to click on strange links or will email you with enticing offers. Many will also try to impersonate legitimate and well known brands so make sure that you visit these brands through googling their websites rather than through links from adverts.

Do your research

As we mentioned earlier, many fraudsters will impersonate brands that you are familiar with but some will even go as far as creating a fake ecommerce website. Check the website for any red flags e.g. spelling errors, no contact details and abnormal URLs. It is also a good idea to speak with someone that represents the business and confirm whether they are legitimate.

Ensure that your antivirus software is up-to-date

Antivirus systems will detect and remove any malicious software that is trying to breach into your system. This can occur through downloading infected and malicious URLs and files. Your antivirus software will warn you a specific link or file is dangerous and prevent you from interacting with it.

Use a secure connection

Public WiFi is not cyber secure despite how convenient it may be to use. Avoid making any purchases or clicking on links that are unfamiliar when using public networks and instead consider using a VPN hotspot that will prevent potential malware from attacking your device.



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