As we are all aware, technology is something that we heavily rely on to keep our businesses and their processes running smoothly. With the current circumstances, it has only proven further that we need technology in order to be able to work anytime and from anywhere whilst being equipped with everything in order to be able to work efficiently away from the office. If businesses are unable to adapt and keep up to date with their technology, they will face quite a few challenges such as a decrease in productivity, dissatisfied customers or operational failure (1).

There seems to be a clear link between technology performance and choosing the right Managed IT Service Provider in order to secure the success of your business which is now more important than ever. If having to adapt to remote working hasn’t been difficult enough, there has been a spike in the amount of security threats occurring.


Every business has their own unique needs and requirements when it comes to technology and what they need in order to ensure that they are able to run everything smoothly and safely. A huge worry for many businesses is any security breaches that could put their data at risk. However, there are more factors to consider when looking for the right provider. This includes factors such as hosting, connectivity, security and compliance advice.

Before you begin looking for a Managed IT Service Provider, think about what specifications you are looking for, and how your business uses technology as well as any needs that have been voiced by your employees. Aim to match all of those requirements with a provider that has the skillset to be able to meet your expectations (1).


One of the first things that you should consider when considering different IT managed service providers is what their service availability is like and whether they can provide that support 24/7.

As we have now become so dependent on technology, it can be extremely frustrating when something goes wrong and the last thing you want is to not have the problem resolved straight away. Most IT Managed Service Providers, including us at Solutions4IT, provide a 24/7/365 service where we monitor your IT and administer any necessary updates or patches as quickly and efficiently as possible. In addition when there are any IT issues, your IT Managed Service Provider will be able to detect them early and therefore quickly set up methods to troubleshoot them (2).


Without a doubt security is a top priority for any business that handles sensitive and confidential information. However, it can be a great cost to ensure that your security is high-grade. With this you should be looking for a service provider that will not only monitor and manage your IT infrastructure but manage your security too. This will minimise the risk of cybersecurity breaches from infecting your IT infrastructure which would affect your workflow and efficiency (2).



IT managed service providers aim to help you focus on the core needs of your business. If you are looking to improve your productivity and reduce costs with our Managed IT service please get in touch with one of our IT technicians who can advise and perform a quick audit or review of your current setup. Call us on 0121 289 4477 or email us at