In a groundbreaking announcement during Birmingham Tech Week, the city’s burgeoning tech ecosystem received a significant shot in the arm with a £1 million investment from TechWM, a notable not-for-profit startup advocacy group. This strategic funding is set to propel Birmingham’s status as a tech hub and help scale regional startups to new heights.

In this blog, we’ll cover the £1 million investment, and discuss how this can be used to further benefit Birmingham’s ever-growing technology economy.


Why did Birmingham receive this investment?

The primary focus of this investment is the establishment of an innovative acceleration program tailored to support the growth of local startups. In addition, a comprehensive ecosystem platform will be developed to centralize and streamline the wealth of support and services available to companies and aspiring entrepreneurs in the region. Furthermore, a tech support hub will emerge in Birmingham, fostering a culture of collaboration and knowledge-sharing among tech professionals in the city. To keep stakeholders in the West Midlands updated on the latest developments, an online tech showcase will also be unveiled.

West Midlands Mayor, Andy Street, expressed his enthusiasm about this game-changing initiative, stating, “This will be a tremendous boost to our startups and scaleups. It’s particularly exciting to see the new stellar Tech & Digital Advisory Board that has been assembled – a board which will be responsible for driving forward the Digital & Tech strategy right across our region.”

TechWM is not stopping at just financial support. They are committed to endorsing a new digital and tech strategy aimed at bolstering business support, investment, and digital skills in the region. This strategy will be led by Martin Ward, the recently appointed West Midlands tech commissioner, who is poised to steer the ship towards a brighter tech future.

“In the short time since TechWM announced its growth strategy, we have secured funding from our stakeholders, designed and launched a portfolio of strategic projects to boost tech businesses, and appointed a Tech & Digital Advisory Board made up of some of the most influential voices in the UK tech sector. And this is just the start,” Ward affirmed. “The work the TechWM team has done so far is truly impressive, and I think the programs and initiatives announced will be a massive boost for the West Midlands tech sector and those who join us on the journey.”

During Birmingham Tech Week, Ward highlighted the potential of the UK’s tech landscape and emphasized the lessons that can be drawn from the dynamic startup ecosystem of Silicon Valley. He went on to declare that the growth in London “does not preclude the West Midlands from becoming a tech superpower in its own right.”

This monumental investment from TechWM and the unwavering commitment of key figures in the region like Mayor Andy Street and Martin Ward are set to create an environment where tech startups in Birmingham can thrive and ultimately establish the city as a prominent tech hub. The future of tech in the West Midlands is looking brighter than ever.




Birmingham’s tech ecosystem is poised for a remarkable transformation, thanks to the generous £1 million investment from TechWM and the unwavering commitment of tech visionaries in the region. As we’ve explored, this injection of funds will not only drive innovation but also nurture the growth of local startups, empowering them to achieve new levels of success.


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