Remote working has caused many changes in business day to day lives such as introducing audio conferencing. Meetings are a vital part of any business whether it is an internal meeting amongst colleagues or with clients. It’s a great way to discuss future plans, achievements, growth, finances and marketing. However as a result of the pandemic face-to-face meetings have had to be postponed and new ways of communication developed. One way that businesses have stayed in touch with each other and clients is through audio conferencing.

Audio conferences work in a similar way, if not better, as a typical face-to-face meeting would. Services such as Microsoft Office 365 Audio Conferencing or Microsoft Teams have enabled businesses to continue communicating efficiently with their team & clients.

Key features of Audio Conferencing Platforms

This is particularly useful when certain colleagues or clients are on the road or are unable to attend an important meeting in person. With remote working this has become much harder which is why these services have become one of the best ways of staying in touch whilst working from home – all you need is an internet connection.

Here are some of the key features of these platforms:

  • Up to 250 attendees.
  • Able to join using a mobile device.
  • Dial-in or Dial-out.
  • Free plans.

Microsoft 365 & Microsoft Teams

One of the main features of Microsoft 365 audio conferencing is the dial-in and dial-out options. Dial-in allows a person to join for a portion of the audio conference through dialling a tolled or toll-free phone number and entering a specific pin. Dial-out allows you to connect others by using Microsoft Teams. Microsoft 365 & Microsoft Teams allows your business to continue working efficiently with one another and stay in touch with your clients wherever you are. You can continue discussing processes and conducting important business meetings from your home.

Tools such as Microsoft Teams audio conferencing has forced businesses to communicate with each other more regularly which they otherwise wouldn’t do.



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