Advantages to cloud computing for a business


As technology continues to change and advance, we are beginning to see limitations of traditional IT infrastructure. Many businesses are finding it difficult to adapt themselves to the ever-changing trends of the technological industry as their systems are limited in their capabilities and simply cannot offer the scale and reliability that cloud-based services can. To help you better understand the reasons behind why more and more businesses are choosing to move over to the cloud, we have created a list of advantages which cloud computing can provide you with.

Cost Efficient

Cloud computing is managed much differently than a standard on-site server and whilst you may find that the servers which you are using currently have an increased capacity, it tends to be severely underused. This means that through cloud computing you will be saving a large portion of expenses on energy costs. The use of remote servers also comes with extra overhead costs for software updates, data storage, data protection and management. Cloud-based services allow you to rent the services and space that you need which are often established on a pay-per-use basis. This is particularly beneficial for small to medium-sized businesses which have a smaller and limited budget.

Improved Security Built-in System

A lot of businesses show reluctance towards moving to the cloud due to cyber-security reasons and concerns over potential hackers. However, cloud systems encrypt your data across networks and at rest which protects your data. You are also able to control access and implement secure authentication procedures to guarantee the protection of your data and prevent any cyber attacks from occurring. This can come at no extra cost, which you would be expected to cover on a classic on-site server.


With cloud computing you are provided with a high level of flexibility especially with items such as remote cloud servers that offer just about unlimited bandwidth and storage, this supports businesses to continue growing and perform efficiently under high volume workloads. Cloud computing gives you the space and flexibility needed for employees wherever they are, with no delays as long as they have a connection to the internet. Many of us are still working from home and by implementing a cloud system, you will be able to cut any unnecessary costs!

Allows for Business continuity

Cloud computing offers reliable disaster recovery and back-up solutions in case data is lost, deleted or damaged. A similar on-site recovery and back-up system is often a big investment for many businesses and can become very time-consuming. The cloud can be designed to mirror any data stored on one server to another or to separate backup vaults.

It’s adaptable to the growth and requirements of your business

If your business is continually growing and expanding or maybe even fluctuating, cloud computing services can flex to your demands and needs. This allows for you to be in control of your IT infrastructure without needing to pay extra to suit what your business currently needs.




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