In the heart of Worcestershire’s technological landscape, the BetaDen accelerator is gaining acclaim from its alumni for its ground-breaking collaboration with 5G Testbed as a Service provider, nexGworx. With the deadline approaching for applications to join Cohort 6, the tech hub at Malvern Hills Science Park is abuzz with success stories and transformative partnerships.



You may be first wondering, what is BetaDen?

BetaDen is a technology accelerator that gives enlisting entrepreneurs and start-ups access to a mind pool of experienced mentors who provide guidance and advice on everything from product development to fundraising. They also provide equity-free funding to help founders develop and launch their products, expand their teams, and grow their businesses.

As a general concept, a technology accelerator is quite a smart way for aspiring entrepreneurs in the tech industry, as it’s quite simple. In layman’s, you will be one of many talented people who have an idea for a company, you’ll give a little bit of money in return for equity in the company (seed funding), and receive some mentoring from people who have been there and done it before, get some office space and leave it all to see how it develops in a few months.


How Several Companies Were Able To Utilise The 5G Testbed

Originally founded in 2016 as Worcestershire 5G, nexGworx evolved into a wholly owned subsidiary of Malvern Hills Science Park in Spring 2021. Rebranded and equipped as nexGworx, the company now offers ‘Testbed as a Service’ to manufacturers eager to trial products and services over 5G networks.

The strategic location of nexGworx at Malvern Hills Science Park has proven to be a game-changer for BetaDen. This natural alliance sets BetaDen apart from other accelerators, allowing cohort members to leverage 5G networks for testing their technologies both indoors and outdoors. This unique advantage helps them develop a deeper understanding of the existing and potential capabilities of 5G, shaping their services accordingly.

Cohort 5 witnessed remarkable success stories, with two standout companies, Prizsm Technologies and Conigital, reaping measurable benefits from their collaboration with nexGworx during their time at BetaDen.

Prizsm Technologies specializes in hyper-secure data storage and communications. Offering businesses a unique multi-cloud distribution approach to retain data securely at all security classification levels within the public cloud.

Meanwhile, Conigital, a prominent player in the smart mobility marketplace, was founded by Don Dhaliwal in 2015. Responding to the inefficiencies in people and goods movement within cities, Conigital aims to create a safer, cleaner, smarter, and more sustainable environment. Their mission to disrupt the transport industry involves the development of autonomous vehicles and connected technologies.

Recognizing the global growth opportunities presented by these technologies, Conigital collaborated with nexGworx outside of BetaDen, conducting additional testing at the Malvern Hills site. This strategic investment in infrastructure and technical expertise by BetaDen, Malvern Hills Science Park, and nexGworx positions Worcestershire at the forefront of emerging industries. The region is becoming a magnet for talent and companies revolutionizing their respective sectors, ensuring a bright future fueled by next-generation connectivity, including 5G.



In conclusion, the dynamic partnership between BetaDen and nexGworx is not just transforming the technological landscape of Worcestershire but is also leaving an indelible mark on the future of innovation. The success stories of Prizsm Technologies and Conigital from Cohort 5 stand as testaments to the tangible benefits derived from the accelerator’s collaboration with nexGworx.

By providing BetaDen cohort members with unprecedented access to 5G networks for testing and development, this collaboration sets BetaDen apart as a catalyst for cutting-edge technologies. The fusion of BetaDen’s nurturing environment with nexGworx’s ‘Testbed as a Service’ is propelling businesses towards measurable success and fostering a deeper understanding of the potential capabilities of 5G.

As Worcestershire establishes itself at the forefront of emerging industries, the strategic investment in infrastructure and technical expertise by BetaDen, Malvern Hills Science Park, and nexGworx is paving the way for a future marked by innovation and growth. The region is not merely adapting to the evolving technological landscape but is actively attracting top-tier talent and companies that are revolutionizing their respective industries.

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