It is undeniable that we depend on communication in our day to day lives, and with so many businesses now embracing and switching over to remote working, we are constantly searching for ways to improve communication within the workforce. Let’s explore the key benefits of using Microsoft Teams Direct Routing for your business.


One of the key benefits to Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is the sheer ability of how efficiently the computerized systems can connect and communicate with each other. This is exactly what is expected and required by those that are working remotely. 

Furthermore, it means that you won’t need to replace the entire IP-PBX phone system because it will be able to communicate with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing system (1).

Improves Productivity

We believe the greatest challenge of working from home is being able to quickly ask a question, pick up the phone and have everything you need a step or two away. However, Microsoft teams is truly a unified communications tool. It is versatile and provides you with everything you need to collaborate and communicate with clients, partners, and colleagues.

You spend less time switching between different tools and platforms as you can message, call, screen share, upload and store documents, make announcements, hold/resume and so much more in one singular platform!


When we compare the Microsoft Calling Plans to the cost of Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, it is competitively priced. With the Microsoft Calling Plans you are paying for a set of allocated minutes per user per month.

However, with Teams Direct  it follows a similar monthly charge but instead of the minutes being allocated per user, they are spread across all users.

Easy migration

Lastly, Microsoft Teams Direct Routing makes your transition over super easy. Your IT team will not be expected to carefully plan and execute a company-wide migration over to Direct Routing, instead, all they will need to do is run adoption programs and batch migrations in the background whilst both non-teams and teams users continue communicating with one another (1).


There are many benefits to Teams Direct , and it is the perfect solution to remote businesses that need to efficiently communicate and collaborate with their teams. Speak to our IT specialists about how we can help you smoothly migrate over to  Teams Direct Routing by calling 0121 289 4477.