Managed IT hardware service

One of the most in-demand elements of our business services, is outsourced IT hardware. Most businesses simply don’t have the time, expertise or inclination to maintain a fully staffed in-house resource to deal with IT purchasing, maintenance, asset management processing and disposal, and they prefer to outsource it as part of a broader package of IT support.

We take this on for you in its entirety, so your team can focus on their core objectives rather than attempting to decipher complex hardware manuals and assess the best fit of kit for your complex organisation!

What we offer

We are a fully authorised Dell reseller with full IT hardware expertise that includes business servers, laptops, hardware firewalls and all other elements of networked office IT kit.

How we work

We work closely with you to establish your needs and to deliver them on time and on budget. We work hard to provide you with flexible access to the expertise that you need, acting as a natural extension to your in-house resource and working effectively together to provide full coverage of service.

The starting point

We begin by carrying out a full audit of the IT hardware already in place in your business – from laptops and desk based kit, through to hardware firewalls and on-site business servers. We then identify any gaps, potential challenges, opportunities for cost and efficiency savings and potential improvements in your IT hardware asset base overall. This is entirely bespoke to your business objectives, staff numbers, software requirements, storage capacity and processing capability.

Future proofing your business

When assessing your needs we also build in future-proofing by working with your managers to understand future anticipated headcount, software needs and accommodation sites. This builds up a complete picture of what your business is likely to need over time to begin the planning process and ensure that your future business is optimised with the right IT hardware.

Why do we take this approach? Primarily to ensure your business is robust and safe – and also to ensure you enjoy cost efficiencies. For example, if you buy the very latest processor it will be a costly upfront outlay – but if you under-specify your needs, your upgrade will need to happen sooner. We can advise on the best approach for your needs – consulting on the best purchasing plans, optimum price points for your requirements, the best brands for your business usage and more.

We do it all for you

In a nutshell, we buy the right equipment for your business, manage its maintenance to maximise lifespan and ensure optimum efficiencies of scale, productivity and full working lifespan, before disposing of depleted assets in the most environmentally-friendly, data safe manner.

The first step

Our service is highly cost-effective and designed to meet your bespoke needs. Contact us to get the ball rolling and let’s discuss how we can help your business to thrive and grow with the right outsourced IT service.