As a business, you will have no doubt employed the services of IT support companies over the years, but never one like us…

Solutions 4 IT design, supply, install and maintain IT Networks and associated products.

We improve the way people use workplace technology throughout their daily lives. Our proactive support technology branded as ‘Managed Online’ monitors your network devices so that we can be preventing problems and fixing minor issues whilst you focus on your core business.


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“Real service comes,
from real people, not
faceless call centres”

A few hours of downtime alone can cost several times more than our fees for a whole year.

I.T. in your organisation should be something you don’t have to worry about

What people are saying

‘The most proactive service we’ve ever received from any support provider’

 ‘Since employing Solutions, our IT headaches are no more’

 ‘As business owners, a massive weight has lifted off our shoulders’

 ‘These guys are changing an industry – they are so forward thinking its just incredible!’

FAQs If you have a question for us, send us a message.

What size of organisations do you support?

Typically Clients range from 5 – 1800 staff members.

What type of customers do you have?

To name but a few, Solicitors, Accountants, Insurance Brokers, Surveyors, Schools, Colleges, and Local Councils. We also deal with quite a few forward thinking manufacturing operations.

Will I be tied to a service agreement?

We have to budget for the number of staff against our service obligations. For this reason, we offer 1,2 or 3 year service contracts with attractive savings the longer you commit.

Billing & Finance?

Subject to status we give all our clients a 30 day account collected by direct debit following month end. For larger capital expenditure we offer a range of financial packages or rentals which we term ‘hardware as a service’

Do you provide national coverage?

Many of our clients have offices all over the country. You’re in safe hands!

Who looks after my account?

All our clients have an account manager and support customers are allocated one of our dedicated teams for all ongoing support.

Case Study Cox Mahon

Case Study – Mount Grace High School

Testimonial – Mount Grace High School

Meet the Crew

Mat Horan

Director (Managing & Finance)


Andy Fletcher

Director (Technical)


Mitch Collis

Technical Sales Director



Director (Sales & Operations)


Tony Woodhouse

IT Support


Phil Sibley

IT Support

Jason Potter

IT Support


Mike Foster

IT Support


Jason Heathcote

IT Support


Tom Langstone

IT Support


Mike Harris

Print Support


Steve Downing

IT Support


Angie Prentis



Dan Stewart

IT Support


Zoe Aldridge




Office Security


Happy 18th Birthday!

Solutions 4 IT celebrated its 18th Birthday in December 2015. A special thank you to all our clients, past and present staff and suppliers. We could not make this what it is without your help and it is very much appreciated.

How to find us…

Halesowen Address: Forge House, Mucklow Hill, Halesowen, West Midlands, United Kingdom, B62 8DN
Gloucester Address: 12 College Green, Gloucester, GL1 2LX


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Sales – 0121 289 4477

Support – 01384 413434

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Solutions 4 IT

Based on Friday’s cyber attack spreading ransomware across many NHS and other organisation’s IT networks across over 70 countries, employees need to be extra vigilant right now about any e mail they receive which:
1) Is from a known e mail address, especially one from any health service employee, which has an attachment to it or a link within it that you are asked to open or click on – if you receive one of these STOP and do not open the attachment or click through the link – instead please forward the Email to with the subject name “Suspected scam e mail” and they will deal with it and let you know if it is safe to open. It is possible that the virus attacking the NHS or others will replicate their e mail address list and send on the virus to all persons in that list via an attachment or embedded link
2) Similarly, if you receive an e mail from an unknown source which has an attachment or a link to click through again STOP and do not open the attachment or click through the link – instead please forward the e mail to with the subject name “Suspected scam e mail” and they will deal with it and let you know if it is safe to open.
3) If you are unfortunate enough to open a ransomware e mail, or any other viral/malware e mail and it has affected your machine please close your machine down immediately with the OFF button and do not restart it. Call the Solutions4IT help desk on 01384 413434 and ask for their instructions on what to do next.
4) If you are in any doubt or suspicious about e mail you are receiving please escalate to your manager for help or simply send it on to the Solutions4IT help desk
Thank you for reading this Alert and please remain vigilant..!!!