Work from home securely & efficiently

Working from home? Here’s how to make your remote working secure & efficient!

2020 hasn’t been an easy year and has left many businesses struggling. Remote working has become the next best way to keep jobs secure and reinforce safety measures within your business. To ensure that your setup is secure and efficient we have compiled 5 key ways to make your remote working productive and safe.

Update your antivirus software

Updates are an important factor to ensuring that your operating system is up to date and any vulnerabilities of issues have been fixed. Updates to your antivirus or anti-malware software is particularly important as these tools are designed to detect any suspicious activity occurring on your device and preventing any attacks on it.

Uninstall any software that is not being used

Similarly, to the point above, when you neglect a software that has been on your computer for a very long time, there is a chance that it could lead to potential vulnerabilities and therefore viruses gaining access to your data. This could put your device at some serious risk and potential loss of your files especially if you haven’t got any back-ups. We highly recommend implementing  cloud solutions to not only keep your data and files safe but to also keep your information backed-up.

Establish & use a VPN

VPN is a term referring to a ‘virtual private connection’ which is a type of internet connection that is private to you and anyone with authorised access to it. This is another way to be able gain access and retrieve your businesses’ private and confidential files without the worry of external threats attacking the data. VPN tends to be a more secure solution for working from home.

Use strong passwords

For any type of login, you should be using different, strong and unique passwords to make it difficult for attackers from being able to access your data. You can store these passwords in one secure place that you can refer to when searching for the corresponding password. For some tips on choosing a strong password click here.

Keep your data backed-up!

Ensuring that your data is backed-up is fundamental and vital to any business. It is a way of safekeeping your information and protecting it from being deleted, damaged or taken. With virus and malware attacks on the rise, it is now more important then ever to keep your data safe and backed-up in the event of your data being infected or even deleted. For more information on the importance of backing up click here.



Remote working has been a brand-new experience for many of us this year but it has seemingly become quite familiar now. However, having the right set-up and precautions to keeping your data safe is unarguably key, especially with how advanced technology is now. For more information on how to keep your remote set-up safe, speak with our IT technicians today by calling us on 0121 289 4477 or email us at

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