What is cyber crime and why you need to know about it

From the minute that you connect your device to the internet, you have entered the cyber world where a lot of cyber criminals are lurking with the intent to commit crime. In this blog post we will also mention some of the most important and basic security procedures to keep you and your devices safe. 

Similarly to how you would lock a safe with a unique and private code in order to lock it, using secure and strong passwords in the digital world will create a barrier between your data and an unauthorised individual from being able to access it. As Cyber Security Experts we understand the importance of data security and back-up. One of the top priorities for businesses is keeping their data secure. One way of managing that is through creating back-ups and storing them elsewhere e.g. the cloud. This means that if there is an incident where data is compromised, you can retrieve copies of your data whilst minimising disruption and downtime. 

Top tip!
Never click on a link that you have received unexpectedly and do not recognise the sender. A lot of cyber criminals will send malicious emails that, if clicked or downloaded, will cause vulnerability within your system and provide that individual with access to all of your data.

What is Cyber Crime?

Cyber crime takes place online or where technology is vulnerable. Cyber criminals target vulnerable technology and systems in order to compromise data in exchange for a ransom and therefore are committing theft and fraud. They will mostly take valuable data that they can then sell for a lot of money e.g. your bank details or log-in details (1). 

One of the most common ways that cyber criminals commit these crimes is through sending convincing emails that have been infected with malware files or links. These emails may imitate organisations and people that you are familiar with e.g. HMRC, bank or your boss. Some of these criminals may even take control of your computer and lock you out, meaning that you are unable to retrieve any data from your computer.

What are Cyber Attacks?

Cyber attacks are attempts made by hackers and malicious individuals with the purpose of damaging or destroying a computer system or network. The majority of cyber attacks occur randomly without actually being specifically targeted. This means that a cyber attack can happen to anyone and further emphasises the importance of staying safe online and having a secure system in place to avoid disruption within your business.

Top tip!
Ensure that you are regularly backing-up your data, updating & patching your system and thinking twice before clicking on an unexpected email or downloading unknown files.

Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essentials Plus

Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essentials Plus are both schemes that are backed by the Government in order to help businesses stay protected against the ever growing cyber threat and increase in cyber attacks. In fact, Cyber Essentials has been recognised as one of the best first steps to obtaining a more secure network that will help to protect your business from 80% of basic cyber security breaches (2).

Another benefit of becoming Cyber Essentials certified is that it showcases to potential clients that your business is credible, trustworthy and secure in terms of cyber security.


At Solutions4IT we help businesses become Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus certified and ensure that your network and systems are secure. To enquire about how to become Cyber Essentials certified, speak with our Cyber Security specialists today by calling on 0121 289 4477 or email us at info@solutions4it.co.uk

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