Protect your company from cybercriminals using our multifaceted approach.

SME’s are failing at the basics. The threats are getting more sophisticated, less targeted and therefore more common place.

It is important to understand from the outset that protecting your data requires a multifaceted approach, there is no silver bullet or single piece of software or hardware that can provide 100% protection on its own. Mitigating and reducing the risk of data breach and cyber-attack is comparable to managing your own health; It requires discipline, good housekeeping and education then if all else fails make sure you have insurance.

Every device that connects to your network whether it be a tablet, desktop, smartphone or laptop is the equivalent of an open window or door into your network. Over recent months we have been enhancing our product portfolio with a suite of products and services that we refer to as ‘Security Stack Revision 1’. Due to the constantly evolving security landscape this product set will also constantly evolve with revision 2 already in pilot tests.

Most hacks start with an email, a combination of deception, manipulation and influence; Socially engineered hacking leaves no logs on the system whereas direct hacking does, in every organisation, there is always someone who will unwittingly help the hacker on their journey.” To help combat this we educate the users or as we say ‘The Human Firewall’ by monitoring the responses to a series of emails. Users that fall into the category ‘serial clickers’ are automatically enrolled onto quick training programs designed to raise awareness.

Vulnerabilities in operating systems such as Microsoft also allow for data to be compromised. It is therefore of utmost importance that security updates are installed as part of the good housekeeping routine mentioned earlier on this page. Solutions 4 IT establishes a maintenance window, usually out of working hours, with all our customers where we ensure these updates are carried out on a weekly basis as part and parcel of our service.

Over the last 12 months it has been impossible to attend any conference or work related event without getting bombarded about GDPR. There is much conflicting information around this but in simple terms it is the equivalent of Health and Safety for data. Governments and people alike are starting to realise that anyone who holds data also has a big responsibility on how that data is stored and processed. The governing body in charge of enforcing GDPR is the ICO - what they are looking to see is that organisations are taking appropriate measures concerning data protection. Organisational measures will require the aid of a legal team whilst Solutions 4 IT can help with the technical measures such as the aforementioned staff training and network security.

Cyber Security and Data protection go hand in hand, they are inextricably linked. Privacy depends on security. No obligation to provide privacy can be meaningful if the data to be protected is accessed or stolen by unauthorised third parties.

Our Government Central Head Quarters (GCHQ) has helped pioneer an initiative called ‘Cyber Essentials’ that helps organisations to mitigate their risk against the most common cyber threats and demonstrate commitment to cyber security. Solutions 4 IT are qualified Cyber Essentials practitioners who can provide you with a gap analysis of what measures you would need to take to gain certification on to the scheme. For more information on Cyber Essentials visit the national Cyber Security website

Our Security Solutions include:

  • Comprehensive network assessments to uncover and eliminate potential vulnerabilities including Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus
  • State-of-the-art antivirus software that detects and removes suspicious files and content before they disrupt your systems
  • Robust firewalls that prevent unauthorised access to your network, offer layered security as well as comprehensive reporting
  • Penetration and user testing
  • Targeted Training

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